Info on Hennie and Annette Kallmeyer

A brief history of the Kallmeyer's:


Hennie & Annette Kallmeyer - Dublin
In 2008 Hennie and Anette Kallmeyer moved from South Africa to Dublin and after a long absence from pigeon racing decided to start again. Currently they own the best collection of direct David Clausing pigeons (Million Dollar world record family) in Europe. This family of pigeons is based on the Houbens from Belgium and need no introduction as David Clausing has dominated the one loft racing scene in the USA for decades and still holds the world record of top 5 placings in the Million Dollar Race in South Africa. In 2010 Hennie and Annette started breeding their first youngsters and in the very first year won 1st open in the Emerald Classic International one loft race with their famous pigeon Baby Bear. That same year they won 3 x 1st Irish pigeon from 4 international one loft races entered, including 1st Ireland, 23rd Open in the Million Dollar Country Challenge Race with ‘Dubz’ (on a 38 bird first drop). In 2011 good results continued by winning 1st Irish bred pigeon and 10th Open in the North Coast Classic OLR and 1st Ireland, 11th Open in the French Young Bird Derby ending also with 12th and 6th ace pigeons in these races respectively. Another good performance came by co-winning (first drop – 2nd Ireland, 4th Open) in the Emerald Classic 2011 and scoring with the same pigeon in the final a week later to end as 18th ace pigeon. So far 2012 has been a very consistent year with their pigeons scoring top honours in most of the hot spot races flown to date in one loft races entered (most finals will be flown in September), some examples include:
Open Co-winner (1. Ireland/UK / 13. Open) 2012 Fauna Orheiului OLR(Moldova)
HS1 against an original entry of 475+ birds
Open Co-winner (1. Ireland/UK / 15. Open) 2012 Fauna Orheiului OLR (Moldova)
HS2 against an original entry of 475+ birds
Open Co-winner (2 + 3. Ireland/UK / 6. + 11.) Open 2012 Fauna Orheiului OLR (Moldova)
HS3 against an original entry of 475+ birds
Open Co-winner (1. Ireland / 1. Open) 2012 North Coast Classic OLR (UK)
HS2 against an original entry of 733 birds
Open Co-winner (1 Ireland / 2nd Open) 2012 Emerald Classic OLR (UK)
HS1 against and original entry of 658 birds
Open Co-winner (1 Ireland / 4th Open) 2012 Emerald Classic OLR (UK)
HS2 against and original entry of 658 birds
1st UK and Ireland and 20th Open in the 2012 Balcanic Fairplay OLR,
Romania (original entry of 950+ pigeons).
Hennie and Anette only compete in one loft races around the world and do not race a home team’ as only stock pigeons are kept. Only small teams are sent to one loft races which are bred from a stock team that consists of 9 old cocks and 3 yearlings. Around 20 hens are kept which are rotated on different cocks to find the best matings. From the start in 2010 the kingpin of the loft has been AU 2006 Clausing 115 or the famous Bear’. This potent cock breeds winners with different hens and is used in the early winter and late summer months as a polygamous stallion breeder. His children win with great consistency but 2011 and 2012 has shown that 80% of his children that were put to stock have bred winners already in their first year. Hennie and Annette are particularly excited over their new 2012 breeding sensation MJ – a son of Bear and Baby Blue – i.e. brother to Baby Bear, as all of his children bred with 2 different hens have already won hot spot races in July and August of 2012. Certainly this yearling cock has a great future ahead of him and will certainly be the successor of Bear to ensure Bear’s winning genes are passed onto future generations.