In 1965 I purchased belg/58/2591200, "Roxana", a red check white flight hen, from Piet de Weerd. When mated to a blue check cock, also from Piet de Weerd, a pure Janssen Arendonk, produced in their first nest an almost completely white cock, with a trace of red. To me this came as a complete surprise, as the Janssens are known to have no white in their breeding. So, how could this possibly happen? There were several products from this mating. Two of these mated together, full sibs, a red check cock and a black check wft. Hen, produced, no whites, but one cock off of this combination, a red check wft. Mex/67/3295, became the producer of what were to be the whites. I got some offspring from this cock that were completely white. Piet de Weerd graded several of these whites, with maximum gradings. I should mention that whites were not exactly of my preference at the time. Sure wish I had them now though. Anyway, one hen Mex/75/813, a red check wft. off of this cock, in 1978, was gifted to Fred Wimberley of Fort Worth, Texas. Several others had been gifted to him earlier. Among them the "16" cock, (straight Jemal breeding) that originated the Mexico Janssens, in Texas, the rest were, of my breeding majorly, with a few exceptions. This particular hen was not a straight Janssen. She contained 37.5% (3/8's) of the first hen 2591200, the "detonator", of the white, mentioned above and the key, to the "whites". 813, was a great g. daughter on both sides. Well, this hen, 813, mated to whatever, other Mexico Janssen, is the originator of what are called the white Mexico Janssens, in the U.S. Now, for what I believe to be, the most interesting part. What was 2591200? For those that are in the know, there was a bird, the greatest Barcelona winner ever. International first place winner of 1962 by a margin of 30 minutes. 1963, international first place winner by a margin of one hour and thirty minutes. This was, "The Vale Barcelona" bred by Adelin Demaret, of Ottignies, Belgium. The absolute greatest of all Barcelona winners, without a question. Sold for, at his time, for a world record price. 2591200 was also purchased at a world record price for a hen. She was, a full sister, to the "Vale Barcelona".

Hope this may serve, as part of the racing pigeon history.

Nobody in the U.S. until now knew this story.

Not even, in Texas.

Saludos to all.

Mauricio Jemal

Uruapan, Michoacan